Wedding trends- Potted plants

Using Potted Plants In Unique Way For Wedding Decor.

Want to get some fresh air into your wedding? The growing greenery trend has caught the attention of eco-friendly couples, modern minimalists and bohemian brides alike. Another bright side of using them is that these potted arrangements can easily be gifted, resold, donated or reused after the event.

Let’s see how to use them in a unique way.

Decorate your ceremony aisle.

Instead of candles or flowers, we suggest lining your ceremony aisle with low trees, potted plants or herbs of your preference. Live trees add a grand and lively touch to any reception area.

aisle decor

A Creative Unity Ceremony.

Try planting a tree together, and let your love grow.


Use them as place cards and favors.

Small potted plants make the perfect place cards for seating that can then double as favors for guests to take home and enjoy. Succulents and fresh herbs are always popular. So go for them.


Unique centerpieces

Try potted trees as centerpieces on long estate tables.


table top

To line Dance Floor

This is also a Great Way to Hide Extension Cords

Create a focal point.

Use a mixture of both blooming and greenery plants, such as large overflowing ferns, a variety of potted hydrangeas, pretty English ivy or other trailing foliages for a nice cascade feel. For focal areas in the ballroom, place combinations of potted plants in mass on pedestals or tables.


Food stations and bars.

Smaller potted plants also look great on food stations and bars.


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