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Something old, something new, …

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a lucky sixpence in her shoe

Many of the wedding traditions that we still hold are from the Victorian Era. Yea! Over 100 years ago! Ever wondered what is the concept of the pure white wedding gown that brides wear? Well, initially it wasn’t white. Majority of the brides just wore the most beautiful and the best gown for their wedding. Queen Victoria herself chose to wear a silk satin white gown for her wedding in 1840. Ever since then white dresses have been the trend.

Victorian trends still continue to rule the world. One among the best and most popular wedding tradition is related to the phrase Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a lucky sixpence in her shoe. These elements refer to the objects that the bride adds to her outfit or carries along on her big day as good luck charm.


Something old represents the connection the bride has to her family ancestry. It means that the bride keeps a piece of her family’s past with her as she heads into her future. The bride need not carry an expensive object instead it could be something that she holds close to her heart and treasures. It could be something from her mother’s wedding attire or her grandmother’s brooch, rosary, etc.

The accessorize of the bride on her wedding day.

old 4

Something new symbolizes a bright new future and hope as the bride enters a new chapter of her life. It also signifies the success they will have together and is a token of good luck.

new 1

Something borrowed is usually a piece that you borrow from someone really close to you. Traditionally the item needs to be borrowed from a female friend who is happily married. By this, they mean to wish you an equally good fortune in your own marriage. This could be something that the happily married woman wore on her wedding day.

Borrowed 2

Something blue represents fidelity and love in Roman times. As mentioned earlier white was not the big color for weddings, blue was. Blue was often associated with the clothes of Virgin Mary and her purity. This is also where the saying, Marry in blue, Lover be true comes from.

blue 1

A sixpence in Her Shoe is a symbol of future prosperity and wealth. The sixpence is a British coin that was in use from 1551 to 1967. This also symbolizes good luck. It also could be a coin from your birth year or the year you met your future husband.

6 pence


Is it bad luck to skip one part or all of this tradition? Hmmm Not likely. The only BAD LUCK you may experience is missing out the fun of following the tradition. It gives you a chance to explore the past about your family and reveal the happiness of whats to come. So all of you who are getting ready to tie the knot start collecting your old, new, borrowed, blue and sixpences.

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